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Who We Are

Alaska Inspections is owned and operated by Tom Luzny A.I.A. I am the Sole Proprietor and responsible for gathering all the information needed by my clients I am also responsible for creating all the reports as the work product of my efforts. I am an Alaska Registered Professional Architect (License #11721) and have been for several years.  The way the information is collected and gathered is a byproduct of my experience.  The content of the information I gather is usually directed by the client - be it an Architect of Record or an Owner.

I am currently available as an On-Site Project Representative (Ref. A.I.A Document B207-2008) anywhere in the State of Alaska for a short, medium or long term placement. I am also available for quick turn-around Inspections for one or two day deployments throughout the State given 24 hour notice and based on availability.

Why Use Me
Tom Luzny A.I.A.

Competence is the first thing that comes to mind.  This is verified via the testimonials provided.  (Please click on the Read More under Testimonials Tab). You are welcome to contact any or all the references for a more complete profile.  I am a good resource on the jobsite that provides eyes and ears on the ground to help ensure a good final product.  If there is a problem on the job (as there always is) that needs to be solved immediately (as most do), I can act as a conduit between the architect, owner and the contractor.  As an on-site rep, I can help resolve the “problem” in a timely manner so as not to negatively impact time or cost.

What I Do

I provide:

Continuous monitoring and inspection, as applicable of the contractor’s quality, workmanship, and materials for compliance to the contract documents.
Attend all job meetings.

Observe systems and equipment testing required in the Specifications and report on the proceedings.

Prepare a log of activities at the site via Daily Reports.

Maintain on-site records in an orderly manner to include daily reports and photo logs, submittals and all other construction related documents.

Review the contractor’s redlines for completeness and confirm that they are up to date.

While it is important to define what I actually do, it is just as important to define what I don’t do. 

What I Don't Do
I do not direct work.  
I do not instruct on methods.
I do not impact time or cost.
I do not stop work.
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Fisheries Lab
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