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A Specific Formal Proposal will be Drafted
Upon Request
Please provide:
Client Name and Address for billing purposes.
  Location of the work.
Job Name and your Job Number.
The Scope of Work naming any specific requests or conditions.
Anticipated duration of the Work.
Type of Proposal desired: Cost Plus or Lump Sum.
  Any anticipated meetings off site and duration for briefing and
de-briefing if known.
Please be specific as to who provides air fare, food, lodging,
ground transportation, office space and Internet access if required.
The Client or Architect is required to provide for my use, a complete set of 11X17 Drawings for each discipline I will be involved with and a complete set of Specifications. The documents mentioned above will be returned to the Client at the end of the work if requested.

Billing & Fees

Cost Plus
This method usually works best for short or long term jobs.  Billing will be the sum of all the hours I invest and the expenses I incur.

Normally my time clock starts 30 minutes before the plane is scheduled to depart from Anchorage International Airport (ANC).  The clock stops when the work day stops.  If an overnight is required for short term jobs, the clock starts the following day when work begins and ends when the plane lands back in Anchorage.  Add to this, up to 2 hours that will be used to prepare and transmit the report.  Add the time for any debriefing meetings required plus RT ground transportation to and from the airport. 

Even though the time clock is started from Anchorage, airfare cost shall be calculated RT from Kenai.

Lump Sum
This method of computing costs has its benefits mostly for the short term jobs.  In the event I am grounded on-site because of weather or any other unforeseen reason, the client is guaranteed a fixed cost for the work I am required to perform.

Naturally because my risk increases so does my proposal cost but it may be less than a Cost Plus format if I get delayed.  In a cost plus format, I would charge a minimum of 4 hours per day for down time if weathered in plus whatever the cost for food and additional lodging might be.  In a Lump Sum agreement, I would be responsible for any and all additional costs no matter how long it takes to complete the work defined.

For long term placements of 10 weeks or longer, R&R shall be provided every 5 weeks but no longer than 6 weeks on-site unless agreed upon prior to my starting work.  It shall be the responsibility of the Client to provide the value of an airfare ticket RT to ANC at no cost to me for a period of no less than 4 days off site.  I will accrue no hours for time away from the job unless meetings are required by the Client or Architect to discuss the job in person.  If meetings are required, billings will reflect the actual time invested in the meeting only.

For long term jobs on the road system
The option exists for me to use my own motor home for lodging if I can get it to the site and park it at no expense to me.  I can also provide my own food based upon a per-diem allowance for either lodging or food or both.  That allowance must be negotiated prior to any agreement.  Mileage to get the motor home to the site will be based on current IRS mileage rates RT from Soldotna.  Since mileage applies, the time clock starts once I arrive and start work on the job.

  Standard hourly rates are available upon request.
  Long term rates per negotiation based upon Scope of Work,
duration and location.
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