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Alaska Remote Construction Inspections
Alaska Remote Construction Inspections
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Here are some comments about the competence and quality of my services from persons I have worked for in the past.

At the beginning of every new project, I have a hard and fast rule and that is to increase the size of my positive reference list with the next project.   I begin by making myself consciously aware that I want to add that next project (perhaps your project) to my list of successful jobs when my work is done.  If I begin with that goal in mind, I am aware that each and every action I take must be of the highest quality possible and done in a professional manner in order to achieve a positive review.

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Here are some post project sample comments from Architects, Owners, Contractors and Employers I have had associations with for projects I have worked on. The comments below in quotes are just excerpts from a particular reference letter.  Please click on the quote to read the entire letter if more information or context is required.

Owner Reference

He (Tom Luzny) demonstrated a strong general knowledge and competence relating to the professional obligations of architectural and construction services.

  Should a builder (Owner) have need of a project supervisor he has my recommendation as a person and a professional design consultant.

— Quote received from Jim Smith, Superintendent Galena School District
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Jim Smith has retired but a personal reference can be obtained by contacting his successor,
the current Superendent of the Galena School District, Chris Reitan.
Email address: cris.reitan@galenanet.com Phone: (907) 656-1205





Architect Reference

Tom's presence on site was essential to the success of this project.  A serious contractor error resulted in rejection of the initial concrete pours.  His careful attention to detail and documentation provided the owner with ample "back-up" in requiring
the contractor to correct the work.

On a personal level, Tom worked easily with other people.  He is very honest, loyal, and decent person.  I would not hesitate to use his services again.

— Quote Received from Dave Moore, Principal Architects Alaska
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Contact Dave Moore at: dmoore@architectsalaska.com   Phone: (907) 272-3567





Contractor Reference

Tom was a great asset to the job due to his knowledge of construction process as well as the local and state building codes.  His knowledge in these areas helped head off potential problems that would have impacted cost to the owner and contractor
as well as completion of the job on time.

I don’t normally write reference letters because frankly I wouldn’t recommend most of the owner reps that I have worked with.  Tom is an exception…

— Quote received from Dave Heston Job Superintendent KBG
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Employer Reference

Thomas was proactive in finding potential issues that would affect the progress and quality of the final product, and worked well with the Contractor and Architect to determine the
best solution to a problem.

I was extremely happy with his work product and would recommend him again for a project of similar difficulty and size without hesitation.

— Quote received from Karl Peterson University of Alaska, Fairbanks - Project Manager
Open the entire letter of recommendation from here.

Karl Pederson no longer works for UAF. Please contact the UAF Sr. Project Manager Mike Ruckhaus.
Email address: moruckhaus@alaska.edu
Phone: (907) 474-5797

More references and a complete project list are available upon request.

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