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Alaska Remote Construction Inspections
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Alaska Remote Construction Inspections
Photo by Tom Luzny
As well as being competent and thorough I have several years of on-the-job experience. I have not run into every problem in the book, but I have generated a consistent and workable method of handling problems that do pop up.  I prioritize well and be a valuable asset for your project during those critical times when my service is needed.

My job is information gathering.  Some things (see "What I Don't Do" on the Welcome Page) are the purview of the Architect of Record, the Owner or the General Contractor as defined by contract.  It is not in the interest of the Project to have those things confused by an on-site rep.  My job is to provide good quality information be it by report, photos or narrative to the people responsible to develop solutions.  I am willing to weigh in but only if asked as I consider my experience, creativity and problem solving abilities to be a valuable resource.

The overarching goal of any construction project is to get the work done on-time, on-budget with the owner getting exactly what they are paying for considering the plans, specifications and other documents.  An On-Site Project Representative can assist in achieving that goal.   By having me monitor work as it progresses, the Owner can be assured that it is done correctly as possible before it is covered up.

Although I work anywhere on or off the road system in Alaska Remote work is where my services are most valuable, especially when regular monthly site visits are just not enough to guarantee the work quality.

Alaska Remote Construction Inspections
Photo by Tom Luzny

To the Architect

As an independent consultant, I relieve you from having to increase your regular staff at odd times in order to accommodate somewhat irregular work, providing you with the specific skills required on demand.  All overhead and taxes are paid by me as with any consultant.  I can be responsible for arranging all my transportation and accommodations although the cost (with no multiple), will be reflected in my invoice.  Billing is made on a monthly basis to coincide with your standard billing to the client if you specify the date you need my bill by.   Quality of work is assured because I too have a Professional License and professional reputation to protect.  You can select the type of billing method that best suits your needs either hourly or by guaranteed max.  (Pease see Billing Methods under the “Fees” tab.)

Alaska Remote Construction Inspections
Photo by Tom Luzny

To the Owner

Normally, I work directly for the Architect of Record; however, that can be modified.  By specific, or separate agreement, I can work directly for you as Owner.  In any case it serves no one’s interest to have services compete between me and the Architect of Record and that must be avoided.  However, I can, as I have in the past, become the delegated acting "owner" working in conjunction with the Architect of Record.

The above type of situation works best when the actual Owner needs to be away from the Project for a while and I am designated to fill in for a defined period of time with defined responsibilities.  For example, I could be (and have been) responsible for reviewing and/or approving and signing change orders, pay request approvals, etc.  I have done this in the past particularity for the Galena School District on a project designed by Architects Alaska with positive results. Under any circumstances, be assured that I will do my utmost and to the best of my ability, make sure you get what you are paying for.

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